Fellowship Exchange Program

Since 1993, the Fellowhip exchange program (Local Government international Exchange and cooperation Seminar) has been affording senior executive from state (or provincial) and local governments in the Unites States and Canada the opportunity to visit Japan and to learn about Japanese public administration. Over the course of about 10 days, participants attend lectures, take part in workshops, and visit local government offices, where they receive extensive exposure to the workings of Japanese government. An additional and equally important part of the program is the homestay with a local family, which immerses each visitor in the daily life and culture of Japan.

This year’s program (2016) will be held in Shizuoka City (from 11/27 to 12/7)!!

CLAIR Fellowship Excange Program 2016
Outline of the Fellowship Exchange Program
Participant Application Form
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Images of Fellowship Exchange Program (from the recruitment material of the program 2012)

“Fellowship Exchange Program 2015”

Executive Director
October 18th:
Arrival in Japan
October 19th: Tokyo Seminar (Lecture, Welcome Reception)
October 20th: Tokyo Seminar (Site visits and inspections)
October 21nd – 26th: Exchange events in local authority (Miyagi Prefecture)
October 27th: Return to Tokyo
October 28th : Departure from Japan

Exchange program in Miyagi

Lecture on Japanese local government system (@CLAIR Tokyo)

Meeting with officials of Miyagi (@Miyagi Prefectural office)

Lecture about reconstruction from earthquake and tsunami disaster (@Onagawa town)

Tea ceremony (@Matsushima town)

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