Sister City

CLAIR supports local governments in North America that already have or wish to form sister city and sister state/province exchanges with Japan.
If you would like to see a list of sister cities in the U.S. and Canada, please look at:
1. US – Japan 2. Canada – Japan

Becoming a sister

If you would like to become a sister city with a Japanese prefecture or community, please feel free to consult with CLAIR/JLGC. We would appreciate it if you could supply the following documents to us:

  1. A profile of your state or community, including information on:
    • Population, area and a geographical or topographical outline, including access from the nearest international airport;
    • Industrial, cultural and educational activities and facilities, along with any special historical background;
    • Specific expectations for the counterpart Japanese city or prefecture;
    • Types of sister city or state/prefecture exchange programs desired;
    • Contact information for officials or organizations with authority to expedite the sister city or prefecture selection process;
    • Any other information you feel is relevant
  2. A pamphlet or other materials about your city (if available)

Once we have this information, JLGC will list it along with your request for a sister relationship on our CLAIR’s website.

Incidentally, the first North America-Japan sister city affiliation was established between the City of Saint Paul and the City of Nagasaki in 1955.

CLAIR also provides this service to Japanese prefectures and local governments wishing to initiate sister relationships with states/provinces and local governments in North America. Please click here to view the list of these local governments.

Other Support for Sister Cities / States

Besides JLGC’s direct efforts on behalf of sister relationships, we also partner with Sister Cities International and the JET Alumni Association, through JETAA USA, in their efforts to support these relationships.

For Sister Cities International, please go to

For information on what JETAA USA and its member chapters can do to help support sister city and sister state relationships, please go to