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The JET Programme

The JET Programme sends college graduates from all over the world to Japan to teach in public schools.

JETAA Activities (US, Canada, Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago)

JET Alumni Association supports CLAIR and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in JET-related activities, and organizes various networking activities for JET Alumni.

JETAAi -JETAA International

JET Alumni Association – International serves as a support and network group for JETAA chapters and promoting the success of the JET Programme.

Sister Cities and States/Provinces

CLAIR supports local governments in the US, Canada, Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago that wish to conduct sister city or sister state or province exchanges with Japanese local governments.

Fellowship Exchange Program

Each year, the Fellowship Exchange Program provides 10 senior level executives in North America a unique chance to visit Japan for 10 days and experience Japanese local government administration.


CLAIR works with a number of organizations that represent various aspects of the political and administrative structure of state and local government in North America.


CLAIR researches in the Practices in States and Local Governments in the U.S. and Canada.

Support for Overseas Activities

JLGC supports various efforts in sharing best practices amongst local governments in Japan, America and Canada.