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JLGC works with a number of organizations promoting good governance and representing various elements of the political and administrative structure of state and local government in North America.

Our primary partner organizations include:

Staff and members from many of these organizations participate in the CLAIR Fellowship, and JLGC staff attend the meetings and annual conferences for each of these, as well as calling upon their expertise in our efforts to gather information and make arrangements for visiting officials from Japan. We are also available to support their interactions with their counterparts in Japan.

As mentioned elsewhere, we work with the JET alumni in the US and Canada through their chapters and national institutions. Furthermore, we have direct relationships with a number of local governments, including New York City, Pleasantville, New York, and Novi, Michigan, and we support sister state and sister city relationships such as Miyagi Prefecture & Delaware State, Tokyo Metropolitan Government & New York City, Hyogo Prefecture & Washington State, Hiroshima City & Montreal, and Matsue City & New Orleans.