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The City of Kyoto Needs Your Help

We all love Kyoto for its many world heritage sites, cultural assets, and traditional industries, and tourism has played a crucial role in supporting these. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has suspended cross-border travel, and Kyoto, usually thronging with people from all around Japan and the world, is now devoid of visitors. Tourism in Kyoto is heavily damaged and the city is facing serious financial difficulties.

Kyoto is a unique place, a unique experience, with its traditional neighborhoods and historic sites, culture, and heritage. These have come to us across centuries, and have faced peril before. Now the city is striving to preserve these assets for future generations and they need our help. As we all work to get through these difficult times, please consider making a donation to help the City of Kyoto as they strive to preserve these invaluable assets for us all.

The city has created websites with a message from the city to you. They would be incredibly grateful if you would read these and give them your support.

Solicitation of Donations from Abroad

How to Donate

The City of Kyoto has been carrying out initiatives to make sure the city’s tourism experience is safe, secure, more resilient to various crises including infectious diseases and disasters, and also ecological and sustainable for the coming years, even while we will still have to cope with COVID-19. When free travel between our countries and Japan resumes, they hope to welcome us all as before. Until then, they hope that the friendship and warm exchanges will continue.

Check the latest information on Kyoto tourism at the Kyoto Tourism Official Website “Kyoto Tourism Navi”: (in English) (in Japanese)