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Results of the Satogaeri Project

We would like to announce the selection result of the “~ JET Programme Alumni Satogaeri Project:  Return to your second home in Japan ~”. The participants for this project from North America are as follows:

Mr. Mark Frey, Kumamoto 2002-2006 (JETAA Northern California, JETAANC President)
Mr. Xander Peterson, Miyazaki 2009-2012 (JETAA Northern California, USA Country Representative)
Mr. Alex Svetlovsky, Okayama 2008-2009 (JETAA Ottawa, Canada Country Representative)

We had 165 applicants from North America (122 were from the US, 43 were from Canada), far beyond our wildest imagination. Thank you all for applying to the “Satogaeri Project”.

Again, please give our best regards to all the people who have supported the applicants and this program, and of course, to the applicants themselves.