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Taste Nara “Nara Jikan (It’s Nara Time)”


Nara is famous for Japan’s first permanent capital and one of the country’s most historical destinations with eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Nara is located in the Kansai region and less than one hour from Kyoto and Osaka.

The City of Nara released a new travel and food website which guides you to unique destinations and lifestyle experiences in Nara. It invites you to taste the delicious strawberries, fine teas, and sophisticated sake brands that are special to Nara City.

The website, “Nara Jikan (It’s Nara Time)” ( viewable website in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and French. It reveals the stories behind the making of Nara’s premium quality produce, sharing the wisdom and knowledge of it’s local community. It introduces a world of extraordinary food experiences, beyond what the regular travel guidebooks show.
The monthly introductory films provide a flavor of the tranquil and beautiful scenery of Nara.

Please visit the following links and check it out!


Facebook: @narajikan

Twitter: @narajikan_nara