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Let Your Child Experience the World

Tokyo Metropolitan Government supports the overseas study and training of 10,000 youth.

In December 2011, Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) issued its long term comprehensive vision titled “Tokyo Vision 2020”. The plan is to show the residents of Tokyo how to move forward and tackle many kinds of urban issues after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

This plan addresses “8 Goals”; including becoming a disaster- resistant city, creating a highly efficient and independent energy system, stimulating industry, transportation, welfare and education. As well as the “8 Goals”, the plan also describes “12 Key Projects” to achieve the goals. Among the “12 Goals”, you can find an interesting project called “Let Your Child Experience the World”.

The aim of this project is to help young people to study and train overseas. TMG provides a set of programs for students in metropolitan high schools to motivate and prepare them for studying overseas. The program includes lectures by top leaders, language training and short stays overseas. At the end of the program, the students will experience a one-year overseas education. Students are also provided with counseling for overseas colleges after graduation. This program will accommodate 3,000 metropolitan high school students.

In addition to this program, TMG will also support college students to receive an overseas education, as well as helping young artisans or office workers to train overseas.

With these initiatives, TMG will support 10,000 youth to challenge the world.

Nowadays, some people say Japanese young people prefer mundane and quiet lives, sometimes they are “hikikomori” retreating from society. The hope is that this program will open their eyes to a wider world beyond Japan.

March 9th, 2012

Tomoya Suzuki, Japan Local Government Center