15 Sep 2016


The City of Hiroshima is internationally known as a symbol of recovery and peace. As the name PEACE ARCH HIROSHIMA indicates, Hiroshima would like to become an arch that connects information, people and the world with a resilient force like an arch-shaped bow. Through this project, Hiroshima will aim to be a leader in sending the message about the need for a globally linked sustainable society that presents a new way of living based on true peace and a new vision for designing society in order to preserve the future of all mankind. And to make world peace truly happen, Hiroshima seeks to become an “International Peace Hub” that promotes world peace by connecting people around the world, encouraging people to think together about common issues and creating a global community for peace.

Please visit the link below and check it out!

http://www.peace-arch-hiroshima.net/pa16/en/index.shtml hiroshima