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JET Programme Alumni Satogaeri Project

We would like to announce our upcoming ‘JET Programme Alumni Satogaeri Project  ~Return to your second home in Japan~’.

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Building New Communities in Tohoku

The physical devastation in the Tohoku region of northeastern Japan was immediately clear and overwhelming, even from a distance, and the ongoing work to rebuild cities on higher ground is a striking civil engineering project.

However, beyond the need to create new physical infrastructure there lies a concurrent need to create new social infrastructure, and this is not so readily apparent to the eye.

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JLGC works with a number of organizations promoting good governance and representing various elements of the political and administrative structure of state and local government in North America.
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Japan Society Hosts Yoshihiko Miyauchi, Senior Chairman of ORIX Corporation

Recently, staff had the opportunity to hear a famed Japanese company executive talk about the changes that are occurring in Japanese management styles. This talk was timely, coming as it did after one by a senior manager at Ajinomoto about selling Japanese products overseas.

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News Letter - JLGC NEWS LETTER (March 2015) - UPDATE!!

Current Issues:

 No.81 (March 2015)       

・CLAIR Fellowship Exchange Program 2014 was held from October 19 to October 29 in 2014

・New York Times Travel Show 2015

・Japan Week 2015

・What Japanese food do you like best?

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