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Minimum wage in New York State
Manhattan Institute Discusses Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Push for a $15 Minimum Wage in New York State
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“Is Japan Really Back”: A symposium in honor of Professor Gerald Curtis
Gerald Curtis, Burgess Professor of Political Science at Columbia University, has retired after teaching there since 1968. To celebrate his long and distinguished career as one of the top experts on not only the dynamics of Japanese domestic politics but also Japan’s society and political economy, and in recent years, increasingly, its place in the international community, Columbia held a symposium on December 17th featuring a number of prominent speakers on various topics relating to the question “Is Japan Really Back?”. In a nod to the “Koizumi Children” of several years ago, many participants referred to themselves as “Curtis Children”.

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News Letter - JLGC NEWS LETTER (December 2015) - UPDATED!!

Current Issues:

 No.83 (December 2015)       

  • Introduction of New JLGC Staff 
  • JLGC's Washington DC Seminar 2015      
  • Internship Report: Great American Opportunities, Great JET Alumni                                                                                                                                                    
  • JETAA US Conference and JETAA NY Career Forum 
  • Tohoku Report: Building New Communication in Tohoku                                                                        

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